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I love Mama Snow!



I love Mama Snow!


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joylenz: #paris with @therealshantel @robertearlbuckley x

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Candice Accola & Joe King Wedding
New Orleans, Louisiana - October 18, 2014

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… To keep us in… Why?

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♕ The Daenerys Fan Challenge: Day 2; Favourite Relationship

“When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east, when the seas go dry and mountains blow in the wind like leaves. When my womb quickens again, and I bear a living child. Then you will return, my sun-and-stars, and not before.”


Lana making sure you don’t forget who the real queen is!


Lana making sure you don’t forget who the real queen is!


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“La vida dura un salto, quedarse, una muerte segura”


—Gustavo Cerati. 



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